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Super Easy Easter Dessert Recipes


Easter is upon us and so it is time to start finalizing your dessert menu. Today I am sharing my favorite super easy Easter Dessert Recipes. Some of the recipes are no bake and some are festive and fun but the main ingredients in these Easter treats is the ease of making them.

A collage of 4 Easter dessert recipes.

The great thing about desserts made for Easter is that most of them have spring flavors and colors.

Think lemon, vanilla, berries, Easter candy and anything else that will bring happiness to your table.

Super Easy Easter Dessert Recipes

Find the BEST easy and delicious Easter dessert recipes that are perfect for your table and everyone will love.

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Easter Dessert FAQs

What is the simplest kind of dessert?

The simplest kind of dessert are ones that you can assemble with ingredients from the grocery store without any baking.

Try these Texas Sheet Cake Bites and this Twix Cake for super simple but absolutely delicious dessert recipes.

What is the most popular Easter dessert?

Most easy Easter dessert recipes are bunny or carrot themed. They can also use Easter candy, like mini eggs, chocolate bunnies or Peeps.

The most popular flavors are carrot cake, coconut, lemon, strawberry, blueberry and chocolate {white chocolate}.

Can I serve anything I want for Easter dinner?

Absolutely! The sky is the limit. Traditionally, foods like ham, sweet potatoes, vegetable casseroles, salad and rolls are on the menu.

However, you can get creative and choose a menu that you and your family will enjoy.

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