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Newair Wine and Beverage Fridge Review: How to Keep your Favorite Drinks Refreshed


This fridge review post is sponsored by Newair, all opinions are my own


When Darb and I moved into this home almost 3 years ago one of the selling points was the bar area.  The bar is located right off of the living room which is super convenient for entertaining.  The problem was that although it isn’t far from the kitchen, it didn’t have a refrigerator which meant we were always running to the kitchen or garage.  Not anymore!  About a month ago I received a Newair FlipShelf™ 24″ 162 Can or 54 Bottle, Built-in or Freestanding Wine and Beverage Fridge with Reversible Shelves and it has completed the area.  Plus, it is the perfect place to keep your favorite drinks refreshed and ready to go.

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Newair Fridge Arrival and Setup

When the box arrived I was out of town, so my husband and father in law did all of the unpacking and moving of the fridge.  The unit is heavy and bigger than you would expect, so plan to have extra help getting it put in the location you want.

We set it up in the bar area and eventually plan to build it into a small counter with a sink but for now it is freestanding. 

The set up was super simple to do {there is an instruction manual that is very easy to read}.  Besides attaching the handle you just have to plug it in and set the correct temperature on the Newair Wine and Beverage Fridge.

One of the great things about this NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge is that you can change the way the door opens.  The company even includes the hardware and instructions to do so.

The BEST part about the Newair Fridge

My very favorite part of the fridge is that the inside is super customizable.  It comes with a total of 4 shelves {I ended up using 3} and the shelves {depending on which side you choose} can hold regular cans or wine bottles.

I love having a combination of both wine and soda in the Newair Wine and Beverage Fridge which works perfectly, especially when you are wanting to make a drink like a apple cider sangria or wine spritzer

We are looking forward to having the Newair Wine and Beverage Fridge for summer and holiday entertaining but are finding that we use it everyday.

It has become a highlight of our bar area and an appliance that we don’t want to live without.  If you are looking for a smaller fridge for your pantry, bar area or garage to hold beverages I can’t say enough good things about our Newair Wine and Beverage Fridge.

Keeping your Favorite Drinks Refreshed

For the summer months we will keep the fridge full of chilled wine and sodas that are easy to pull together for a quick and refreshing drink on a hot day.

You could also adjust the shelves to add items like juice, sliced fruit and other items that are perfect for summer drinks and will be wonderful for entertaining over the holidays too.

The fact that the shelves flip and are totally adjustable gives you the freedom to set it up exactly how you want it.  Plus, the shelves are easy to move and change so you can hold just what you want.

If you are looking for a fridge be sure to use the code JUNE10 for 10% off the purchase price.

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