I know that not everyone loves cooking quite as much as I do.  We do however, have to feed our families and in an effort to not eat fast food everyday, I assume that most of you do at least some cooking.  I get asked all of the time what my favorite things in the kitchen are and I feel like there are a few things that can make your time in the kitchen simpler.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a Rock Star in the Kitchen?

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Hands down, my favorite tool in the kitchen is a Garlic Press.  So many recipes have minced garlic in the ingredients.  You can of course buy pre-minced garlic in the produce aisle of the grocery store but you don’t need to.  This press works like a charm and is dishwasher safe.  

A 6 qt. Crock Pot is another item that I just can’t live without.  Even if you are not a “cook”…you NEED a Crock Pot.  You can literally add the ingredients to the pot before you leave work and like magic, dinner is ready when you get home.  There are smaller versions but if you have a family then I think you will love this one.  

Now, if you are going to use a Crock Pot than it is absolutely necessary {in my opinion} to use these Slow Cooker Liners.  I have said this before in previous posts but there is almost no clean up when you use them.  Who doesn’t want to wash less dishes?

Whether you are baking or making a marinade, a 2 cup Glass Measuring Cup is so nice to have.  I use it to mix liquid ingredients, combine marinades and microwave ingredients.  It is really a multi-use tool that everyone should have.

At school we use parchment but at home my silicone baking mats make baking cookies a breeze.  Nothing sticks to them and they clean up so nicely.  If you don’t have one already then I highly recommend this purchase because they last forever.

Whether you are zesting a citrus fruit or grating some cheese, a microplane is so handy.  I love that it doesn’t take much room but works for so many things.  I even grate onion with it when I don’t want large chunks.  The best part is that it is inexpensive.

I think that I have put Cookie Scoops on every list I have ever made.  Part of that is because cookies are my favorite food but also because you can use them for so many other things.  Scooping meatballs, making cupcakes…anything that needs a uniform shape.  I love this set because you get a variety of sizes.

I think having a good chef’s knife is super important but this is the knife that I use more than any other one that I have in the kitchen.  This little serrated paring knife works great for about anything, just be careful because it is sharper than you think.

If you like to make skillet meals then this deep 11″ skillet is so nice to have.  Not only is it deep enough to hold an entire meal but it also has a fabulous lid.  I also like that it can go from the stove top to the oven.  

Last, but certainly not least is kitchen shears.  They are so nice to have!  I cut bacon with them, green onions, trim pie crust…the possibilities are endless.

So there you have it!  Some of my favorite things in the kitchen.  Tools that I think can really up your game.  It is super important for me to only have items that can serve several functions or at least be a huge time saver.  I don’t have room in my life or kitchen for things that don’t help in one way or another.  I hope that you find something on this list that will make your life simpler.   Happy cooking!


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  1. Dear June, I have not subscribed to your templet, but I am 85 and a great-gma 6 times and I don’t
    Cook a lot anymore. My sweet husband and I live with our Daughter and her Husband. I used to
    love to cook and love your receipes.. My Husband cooks some and most of the time my Daughter

    Best regards to you and your lovely family. Don’t stop sending your great receipes.

    Patricia “Trish” Gurry

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