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Easy New Year’s Appetizers


New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate and what better way than with appetizers?!  Whether you are serving them for dinner or as a delicious start to the meal, appetizers are always a great place to begin.  These easy and delicious recipes allow you to make a handful and enjoy lots of different flavors.

A collage of 4 easy New Year's appetizers.
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Tips for the Best New Year’s Appetizer Party

When looking for an appetizer recipe there are a few things that are important. Especially when you are wanting to keep things simple.

  • Decide how many appetizers you will need. This depends on a couple of things. First of all, how many people will you be feeding? Also think about what else you will be serving. If you are only serving appetizers you will need more of them.
  • Choose a variety of recipes. Having a variety of options gives you and your guests a good selection and everyone will be happy.
  • Keep things simple. Don’t pick complicated recipes that will take a lot of time or hard to find ingredients.
  • Have guests bring appetizers. This will help with getting a variety of options and keep you from having to do everything.

New Year's Eve Appetizers

Simple and fun appetizer recipes that are perfect for a festive party or quiet night at home.

How many Appetizers to serve per Person

When it comes to deciding how many easy New Year’s Eve appetizers to serve per person there are some general rules to follow.

  • Appetizers before dinner: If you plan to serve appetizers for an hour or so before dinner 6-9 pieces per person should be plenty.
  • 2-4 hour event without dinner: It is important to remember that if you are only serving appetizers at a party you will need an ample amount. 10-12 pieces per person will be enough.
  • 4 hour event without dinner: When replacing dinner and having guests for 4 hours be sure that you have 12-15 pieces per person. People will be hungry and grazing throughout the event and you do not want to run out of food.

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