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11 Easy Cinco de Mayo Desserts


If you celebrate Cinco de Mayo that means you need some wonderful dessert recipe ideas.  But don’t make these Cinco de Mayo Desserts only one day a year.  The truth is that all of these dessert ideas will taste amazing far beyond the 5th of May.   

A collage with 4 of cinco de mayo desserts.

Each of these easy dessert recipes is versatile and perfect for any day of the year.  They are also wonderful because they can be made quickly but don’t skimp on flavor. 

Whether you make these Mexican inspired desserts for a dinner at home or a party with friends, each recipe is sure to be quick, easy and over the top amazing.

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  • Churros top the list. Why wouldn’t they be? They are full of cinnamon sugar flavor and fried to perfection. If frying food isn’t your thing, there are a handful of baked options on the list. From bundt cake, cookie bars and cookies you will find something you can’t live without.
  • Margarita desserts are also super popular. So if you don’t get a Margarita for dinner. Wait for cheesecake!
  • Tres Leches Cake would be a fabulous dessert to celebrate. Milk soaked cake is topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit for a show stopping sweet treat.

Cinco de Mayo Dessert Recipes

Find 11 of the easiest and most delicious recipes for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Can I make these Mexican inspired desserts ahead of time?

Almost all of these recipes can easily be made at least a day ahead of time. In fact, Tres Leches Cake gets better after it has sat for a day or two in the refrigerator.

If you need to make the desserts earlier, a lot of them can be frozen too.

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