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The Best Recipes Using A Red Velvet Cake Mix


Are red velvet desserts a favorite at your house? It sure is at mine and so today I am sharing the best recipes using Red Velvet Cake Mix. They are all super delicious but the best part is that using a cake mix also makes them simple to assemble and bake.

A collage of four different desserts using a red velvet cake mix.
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What is red velvet?

Red Velvet has a wonderful subtle chocolate flavor and vivid red color. I think that the taste is somewhere between a chocolate and vanilla cake.

In some recipes, the ingredient that really sets it a part is the addition of buttermilk. Adding buttermilk amps up the flavor and helps to give a light texture.

Cream cheese frosting or glaze is a classic addition to red velvet desserts. The tangy cream cheese flavor pairs perfectly with the sweet red velvet flavor. Although whipped cream is also a nice way to finish a red velvet cake mix dessert.

The Best Red Velvet Recipes using a Cake Mix

If red velvet desserts are a favorite of yours, these simple and delicious red velvet cake mix recipes need to be on your to-do-list.

How do I elevate a box of red velvet cake mix?

It is super easy to improve the taste and texture of a red velvet cake mix. Start by substituting melted butter for the oil.

You can also add an additional egg and use milk instead of water. These simple swaps will make your red velvet recipe taste homemade.

What pairs well with red velvet?

Traditionally cream cheese frosting is served with red velvet but there are also other wonderful options.

Instead, make a white chocolate ganache {like this raspberry cake}, homemade whipped cream, Oreo glaze or vanilla frosting.

What are the benefits of using a cake mix?

In my opinion, using a cake mix opens up a whole new world to baking. This simple and delicious time saving ingredient allows you to make gourmet desserts without much time.

It also helps to create recipes with a few simple ingredients that you already have in your kitchen.

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