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44 Reasons Why Cookies are SO Good


I am 44 years old today!  Life sure flies when you’re having fun!  Besides my fabulous children, my sweet husband, awesome friends and loving family we all know that I love cookies and so today I thought I would keep things simple. 

I have more cookie recipes on this site than anything else and that is because I just can’t help it.  I love to make them, eat them and give them to others.  I am constantly thinking of new ways to recreate them so that I can share them with you here.   

44 Reasons Why Cookies are SO Good, a fun post featured by top US cookie blog, Practically Homemade

Cookies make life better and so here are 44 reasons why I think they are so darn good.

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44 Reasons Why Cookies are SO Good

  1. They taste fabulous! DUH 🙂  
  2. They are perfect for on the go.  Who doesn’t like a portable snack?
  3. There is nothing better than a cookie straight from the oven.  Warm cookies ROCK!
  4. Cookies and milk remind you of your childhood.  Sweet memories are always nice.
  5. They will help you make friends.  Who doesn’t love cookies?
  6. The options are endless.  What combination is your favorite?
  7. They make you smile.  Sugar has that effect on people!
  8. They can make you feel like eating something healthy… sometimes.  Think oatmeal & raisins.
  9. They are bite sized.  So go crazy and eat a dozen!
  10. They are easy to make.  Some recipes don’t even require an oven.
  11. They make great gifts.  Package them up and watch people light up in excitement.
  12. Dough & cookies can be frozen for later.  Cookies whenever you want!
  13. They are the perfect midnight snack.  Afternoon snack…after dinner snack…you get the idea.
  14. They allow you to connect with the past through family recipes.  I love that!
  15. It is fun project to make with your kids.  Baking with my kids is still one of my favorite activities.
  16. They make your house smell fantastic.  Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cookies.
  17. They are inexpensive.  A little butter, sugar and some flour for total deliciousness.
  18. They are a great excuse to throw a party.  Like I need an excuse.
  19. They allow you to buy adorable cookie cutters.  My collection borders obsession.
  20. They have all of the necessary ingredients to survive.  What more could you ask for?
  21. They can be simple or gourmet.  It just depends on what you decide to add in it.
  22. People will risk salmonella to eat a good cookie dough.  
  23. Calories don’t count when you are eating cookies.  So eat all the cookies you want to.
  24. They can cheer people up.  One bite is all they need.
  25. You can add Hugs & Kisses {that are chocolate}.  
  26. They are a universal dessert.  Everyone knows what a cookie is.
  27. They are a great way to get a compliment.  Bake cookies and you are sure to get one!
  28. If you add a cup of milk you are technically making your bones stronger.  Got milk?
  29. Perfect to dip in coffee {or wine}.  You choose.
  30. The ingredients are easy to find.  No specialty stores needed.
  31. Baking cookies is a great way to unwind and relieve stress.  Who wouldn’t want that?
  32. There is never a storage of taste testers.  Make cookies and watch who shows up.
  33. They are your best friend!  Why not?
  34. It is the perfect addition to other delicious treats.  Think cookie dough ice cream!
  35. Cookies make holidays even better.  Christmas cookies are epic.
  36. Bake them for a function and become an instant hero!  
  37. You don’t even need an oven…hello No Bake Cookies.
  38. They are perfect for any occasion.  No party is too fancy for cookies.
  39. They give you an excuse to lick the spoon…like I needed one.
  40. Because they make life sweet.. .literally.
  41. They allow you to be creative.  Which is so much fun!
  42. There is a cookie for everyone!  
  43. You don’t need a lot of time.  You can buy ready to bake dough.
  44. Just eat a damn COOKIE! 

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