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Bakers Gift Guide


One of the questions that I get asked the most is, what baking supplies I use to make my recipes.  So I decided to go ahead and put together a list of all of my favorite baking products.  Whether you are looking for yourself or maybe you want a gift idea for someone else, this list is sure to have something for everyone. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission from any purchases you may make from these links. It’s one of the ways I support my site.

This might be a bit of a splurge but if the baker on your list doesn’t already have a KitchenAid Mixer then they should.  I love this beautiful red color {it is the color I have} but there are so many fun colors to choose from.  I actually have the size up from this model but I have to say that if I could go back in time, I would have gotten this size.  Don’t get me wrong, the big one is nice when you are making a big batch of cookies or dough but if you want to make a single batch it is just too big.  
So I also have this KitchenAid hand held mixer for small jobs.  It is at a more reasonable price point and still has all of the awesome colors.
Any baker would love this awesome 3 piece Baking Set.  A silicone baking mat is so nice to have when you are baking.  Plus, the 1/2 sheet pan and cooling rack are the perfect size.
I use cookie scoops whenever I am baking because it keeps everything in a nice uniform shape, so everything bakes more evenly.  This 3 scoop set includes 3 different sizes, which is great!
I might have a slight obsession with cake plates but look at this beauty {that also comes in blue}.  Wouldn’t a dessert look perfect on top of this Round Cake Stand?
A bundt pan is my favorite of all time because no matter what you make…it always looks elegant.  I of course love the color of this Exclusive Bundt Pan but I also love that it has handles and it is non-stick!  I think I am ready for an update.
One of my favorite things to make for breakfast on the weekends is baked donuts.  This Nonstick Donut Pan is so nice because it will bake 20 donuts at a time!  Believe me when I say…you need this!
This Pastry Cutter and Bench Scraper Set would be great to have in the kitchen!  You will be surprised at how much you use these items.  I love the Pastry cutter for recipes like my Sky High Biscuits.  The Bench Scraper is so nice for decorating cakes but also counter cleanup when you are making recipes like my Quick Cinnamon Rolls or Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Cake!
Any cheesecake loving kitchen should have a Wilton 9″ Springform cake pan.  The removable sides are so handy.  It is also versatile, this Pigs in a Blanket Wreath is made in one.
I just love this sweet little apron!  Perfect for yourself or as a gift for the baker in your life!
I am a huge fan of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons.  They last forever and wash up perfectly every time.  The best part about these…the price!
I love having a couple different sizes of whisks.  The small ones are so nice to have when you are making glaze for these Maple Pecan Scones.  This Set of 3 Stainless Whisks would last forever and give you one for every job.

I hope this answers questions and gives you some inspiration in your kitchen.  Tune in this week for two recipes that will be perfect for Christmas!

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