For weeks Darby has been asking me what I want for my birthday.  I have to tell you something…I LOVE everything about giving gifts.  Figuring out what someone wants, going shopping, wrapping it up and then watching someone special open it up, is awesome!  I however, am not a great gift receiver.  I feel guilty when people buy me things…especially my kids.  I also have a hard time figuring out what I really want.  So I decided to make things easy and keep the ideas based around my kitchen.  I can always think of a million things I want or love and maybe you will find something you can’t live without too!

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Look at how cute this two tiered tray is!  I have one already but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use another one.

I am always looking for cute aprons to wear and I have decided that they just don’t get any cuter than this French Stripe Apron.  I love the colors, pockets and style.

I think this donut pan is so beautiful!  Baking is always more fun with a new accessory.  My Maple Glazed Pancake Donuts would bake up perfectly in this pan.

OMG!!  I can’t take it!  This combination of black and wood is so much fun.  I need this cake stand like a hole in the head STAT!

I really don’t have room for an extra appliance in my tiny kitchen but I would love to have an air fryer.  The thought of frying food without all of the fat sounds pretty fabulous to me!

I am in need of a new bundt pan and I think this color is just the ticket.  It also comes in pink {which I love too}.  Who wouldn’t want to bake a cake in a pan like this?  Especially my Black Bottom Bundt Cake, so delish.

Is anyone else ready for summer?  Warm weather, camping and s’mores sound pretty awesome right about now.  I need this S’more maker in my snowy life!

My love of Mason jars runs deep.  I use them for everything.  I have decided that I need this Mason Jar Dispenser for my dish soap.  I hate having that big clunky bottle out and this would be so much cuter.

I already have a Dutch Oven but I would love another one and this AmazonBasics is such a great deal.  If you don’t have one yet then I highly recommend you looking at this one.  It is my favorite pot to use for Chicken Enchilada Soup.

I love for everything in my kitchen to have a place.  These food storage containers look like the perfect vessel for keeping so many things.  A few sets of these babies would be super handy.  Plus, they come with the cute chalk board stickers.

So there you have it!  My top 10 birthday gift picks.  Now…let’s go shopping!

24 Comments on Birthday Favorites

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great treat for subscribers!!!

    I think I would spend a 25.00 certificate on one of those donut pans or toward a stand mixer I desperately need! I started making breads for my husband and I, here in Mexico. A stand mixer would definitely give me the upper hand.

  2. I absolutely love Pampered Chef Products. I found a new love too. Their can opener. It is so easy to use and so much safer than regular can openers. No sharp metal lid to cut yourself on. (I have problems with my hands and vey clumsy). It ranks up there with their food chopper and their mix n chop utensil. Must haves in my book.
    I would use the $25 for an air fryer. I would love an air fryer as well. Doctor tells us we need to start eating healthier. So this would be a start!
    So Happy birthday ! Why not Celebrate All Month. I do! Lol.

  3. My favorites are kitchen gadgets/utensils……I am always on the lookout for any unusual or simply gadgets to help get a kitchen job done better or easier…. for example tongs; one is better for pasta pickup, one for turning chicken over, one for salads, etc

  4. This Christmas Dennis and I gave each other new fry pans. The bestest is the copper high sided, with a lid. Works for stewing and frying. Thanks Amazon.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY June, I so miss your smiley face.

  5. I just moved into a new home. As I unpack, I am finding my kitchen utensils & baking pans look worn out! I would use the gift card to replace some of those.

    Happy Birthday! I enjoy ypur blog!

  6. Happy Birthday, I too am not a good gift recipient. I love giving to others much more. I do love those storage containers and would put them to good use in my pantry. Thank you

  7. I like the two tiered tray. And I’ve been wanting a insta pot. I don’t have one. Also the fryer looks interesting. I love kitchen stuff but I really don’t like to cook. If I was rich I’d hire you for my personal chief.?‍?❣️

  8. We lost our home in the Thomas fire and even though it’s been over a year our rebuild has a long ways to go. One of the things I miss most is my large muffin pan. I don’t believe in making the 3 bites cupcakes. I loved making the big boy ones. That’s what I would buy.


  9. Those storage containers look wonderful. You can never be too organized right!! They would make cute canisters sitting on the counter as well. Happy Birthday again June Bug!!!

  10. Happy Birthday June! The storage containers caught my eye- I could really use a space saver as I live in a mobile home in a 55 plus park in Florida. (no place to put all my cooking supplies).

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