It is hard for me to believe it but tomorrow…I am 42.  I don’t feel 42…unless of course…I move my body and then the aches and pains of growing older set in.  There is also the fact that my kids will be 19 and 21 this year…so ya, I guess I am 42.  All in all, life has been good to me.  That isn’t to say that I haven’t endured heart ache and pain, it just means that I try to focus on the good things.  The best thing about getting older is that I don’t take myself as seriously as I once did and I have grown to be comfortable in my own skin.  Here are the top 42 things that I have learned in 42 years:

  1. Good things do come to an end
  2. Bad days are only as bad as you make them…glass half full sweet peeps
  3. Happiness comes from within…not from someone else
  4. Who you are is far more important than what you have…possessions are just things
  5. Taking the high road is hard but the view at the end is easier to live with
  6. Exercise isn’t just about the calorie burn…it is about the mental reboot and fresh air
  7. A lot of things are better left…unsaid
  8. Having older kids is sad but the free time can be freeing
  9. Divorce isn’t the end…it is the beginning
  10. Being betrayed doesn’t say anything about you but it says everything about the other person
  11. Honesty is the very best quality one can possess
  12. Life happens whether you are a size 6 or 16…live it
  13. Doing what you love for a living is totally awesome but it is still a job
  14. Friendships come and go for reasons that only God understands
  15. Forgiving someone is for you, not for the person you are forgiving
  16. Saying, “I love you” isn’t as good as making someone feel loved
  17. Cookies can make everything alright, for at least a few minutes {especially these Giant Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies}
  18. Having great parents is a true gift
  19. 15 minutes of quiet time and devotions in the morning can improve an entire day
  20. Inspiration can come from the craziest of places
  21. Being a mother is my biggest joy and worry
  22. People don’t have to share the same blood to be family
  23. A good vacation is worth the expense
  24. Paying for something in cash feels a whole lot different than swiping a card
  25. Technology is a life-line and life-sucker
  26. The best lessons are learned in the hardest moments
  27. Seasons of life change but your values should remain the same
  28. A good cry is sometimes the best medicine
  29. Forcing things to happen will make things feel…forced
  30. Investing in yourself is never a waste of time
  31. Life altering and tragic events happen to even the best people
  32. There is nothing that a girls night can’t fix
  33. You get out of marriage what you are willing to put into it
  34. Take opportunities given to you and run with them
  35. Never pray for patience or God will you give you more chances to use it
  36. Bras and shoes are overrated
  37. Saying thank you never goes unnoticed
  38. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion-let them have it
  39. The gift of time is better than money
  40. Moms should always trust their gut
  41. Things aren’t always what they seem
  42. Everyone deserves a second chance…but maybe not a third

Off we go into the weekend and although I have came down with a cold {womp…womp}, I am looking forward to time spent with family.  I also look forward to year 43 and plan to enjoy every moment!!  Happy Birthday to me!!





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  1. children and grandchildren are your most precious gift from God, enjoy both and love them with all your heart

  2. All of your comments were very insightful but the last made me laugh out loud. Not many people deserve a third chance in life but every has earned a second. Well said my friend. Happiest of birthdays to one of the truest of spirits.

    • Well…almost every time I have given someone more than two it has never turned out any differently. 🙂 I guess it does sound a bit heartless… 🙁

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