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15 Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas


Whether you are hosting a big crowd or watching the big game with your family, food is where it is at. These Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas will keep everyone happy and keep you out of the kitchen. That way you can watch the game {or at least the commercials}.

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What Food do you have at a Super Bowl Party?

When you are deciding what kind of food to serve at your Super Bowl party it is important to think about a couple of things.

  • Are you serving a meal or appetizers? Of course you can do both but choosing one or the other will give you a lot more direction of how to bring the menu together.
  • How many people are coming over to watch the game? If you are only having a few guests it will look a lot different than a huge crowd.
  • Am I going to ask others to bring something? If visitors are bringing food you can be a bit more ambitious and still be able to watch the big game.
  • Will food be out the whole game or am I serving at half time? When you want food to be out for the entire game you need to think about what can last that long. On the other hand, if you are serving one time during the game anything works.

Once you have answered these questions it should be a lot easier to decide that kind of food to serve.

Pro Tips

  • Keep things simple. Don’t go crazy with the menu. Choose a few things you know everyone will love and let them stand out.
  • When guests want to bring food, be specific. You know what you are serving, so ask for exactly what you need to complete the food table.
  • Make what you can ahead of time. Look for recipes that can be made a day ahead of time so that you can keep things easy on game day.
  • Use your slow cooker. Whether you need to keep something warm or are looking for a way to cook the food, a crock pot can be super handy.
  • Don’t forget the drinks. Or better yet…let everyone bring their own drinks.
  • Have fun!! The most important thing is that you have fun and don’t stress. Make sure you have allowed yourself time to enjoy the game.

Super Bowl Food Ideas

Spend game day watching the game and not in the kitchen with these easy and delicious ideas for the perfect Super Bowl recipes.


What is the most popular food for the Super Bowl?

Wings are said to be the most popular food item eaten during the big game. Followed by chips and dip, pizza and nachos.

What are some other snack foods that aren’t on your list?

The great thing is that you can serve anything but snacks are always great because people love to be able to eat while they watch the game.

These mozzarella sticks are another great option. You could also try these Club Sliders for a fun addition.

Who is playing in the Super Bowl this year?

This year the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl.

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