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How to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas Cookie Exchange Parties are my favorite kind of parties.  In fact, last year when I hosted my month of Bunco it was during December.  So I decided to serve dinner and then have everyone bring a couple dozen of their favorite cookies.  We not only used the cookies for dessert but each guest also took a box of cookies home for themselves.  We had everything from Frosted Sugar Cookies to Peanut Butter Blossoms and it was so much fun!

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party, tips featured by top US cookie blogger, Practically Homemade

Of course 2020 has proved to be a little more challenging.  Large group parties are not recommended in most areas and so we have to get a little more creative.

The one thing we have {or most of us have} figured out is how to manage a Zoom call/meeting.  In fact, I have friends who have weekly meetings with family who they haven’t seen since March.

It is a great way to get large groups together.  Everyone gets to see each other and talk to one another from the comfort of their own homes.  So why not host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party that way? 

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3 Different Ways to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

1) Have everyone attending send actual cookies and recipes to the other guest through the mail. 

During the Zoom call everyone could open them up and eat cookies with a glass of milk {or wine}.

2) Guests can send their favorite recipes to the host ahead of time. 

The host could compile them into an eBook for each guest.  The host could then send the eBook out to each guest before the party.  Then guests could choose a recipe {of their own or someone else’s} to make and share on the Zoom call.

3) The host can decide what kind of cookie everyone will make. 

From there, the host would send the recipe and everyone would actually make the recipe together on the Zoom call in real time.

6 Steps for Planning a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

-Pick a date and time to host the party. 

If you are planning to bake cookies together be sure to take into consideration the time of day and how much time you will need.

-Create your guest list. 

You want to be sure to have your friends and family but my best advice is to keep it simple.  Trying to manage a meeting with more than 8-10 guests can be difficult.  You also want to be sure that you are able to give each guest attention {even if over the computer}.

-Send out a virtual invitation with an RSVP request. 

Be sure that your invitation has all of the information your guest will need.  You can also give them a phone number for additional questions.  I love Canva for creating invitations and other printables/pdfs.  If you do not have a Canva account there is a free one that is super easy to sign up for.  Here is a sample that I made with Canva.  Having guests RSVP will give you a good idea of how many to expect.  It is also a good idea to send them a text or email the night before as a reminder and to let them know you are excited to have them join you.

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party, tips featured by top US cookie blogger, Practically Homemade

-Send out any recipes/eBooks to your guests.  

Once you know who will be joining you, make sure to get the guest any recipes or eBooks they need for the party.  Give it to them with enough time in advance that they will be able to either bake or grab ingredients.  Here is a pdf for the Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Blossoms that I love to make this time of year.  I found the template on Etsy.

-On the day of the party be prepared.  

You might not have guests actually coming into your home but they will be joining you virtually.  Make sure that you have everything ready ahead of time so that when the call starts you are ready to give your guests your full attention.

-Start the Zoom call a few minutes early. 

Starting the call a few minutes early is nice because it allows guests to enter when they are ready.  The last thing you want is for guests to be waiting for you.

Fun Additions to your Virtual Christmas Cookie Party

-Create a playlist and send it to guests before your Christmas Cookie party. 

It can be Christmas themed or maybe something that you and your friends and family like.  Everyone will love the personal touch.  Besides who doesn’t love a cookie dance party.

-Send each guest a wrapped gift ahead of time. 

The gift could be anything but it would be especially awesome if it was cookie related.  Sending all of your guests a snowflake cookie cutter would make cutting out the sugar cookies together even more special.

-Pick a cookie party theme. 

Normally this would be something we would do when planning a party but because the guests aren’t together it isn’t necessary.  That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun.  Starting the theme with the invitation and continuing it with other parts of the call could be super fun.

-Add a game to your virtual Christmas Cookie party. 

Everyone loves a good game and it would really set your party apart.  Play What’s in Your Purse Game or name that song and everyone will love it. 

I will admit that hosting a Virtual Cookie Exchange Party can take some planning and be a little work but think of how much fun it will be!  

If you are someone who normally hosts parties and is missing it…then this is your time to shine.  On the other hand, if you are someone who is overwhelmed at the thought of hosting people at your house then this is your kind of party!

You can choose the way you want to host it and run with it!  It is PARTY TIME!

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