The Giving Plate

If you are anything like me and hoping to give more in the New Year…than this plate is a perfect place to start.  My life revolves around food and so when I think about how I can give to others, it is always the way I go.  Food is comforting and makes people happy, so […] Read more…

Black Bottom Bundt Cake Recipe featured by top US food blog, Practically Homemade

Black Bottom Bundt Cake Recipe

Some of you might be thinking…Annnnooootthhher Chocolate Recipe?? 🙁 Others might be thinking…ANOTHER CHOCOLATE RECIPE!! 🙂  Whichever person you are…I promise this Black Bottom Bundt Cake won’t disappoint, so keep scrolling for the full recipe! I decided to post this today because it is Christmas time and I always get a bit nostalgic.  So many […] Read more…

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