Easy Turkey Cookies


Step 1:

Gather all of your sugar cookies, mini nutter butter cookies, edible eye balls, candy coated sunflower seeds and sprinkles.

Step 2:

Add frosting {our edible glue} to the back of a mini nutter butter cookie.

Step 3:

Place the cookie onto the  middle, lower half of the sugar cookie.  Then use the frosting to add two small round dots to apply the edible eyes.

Step 4:

Add the edible eyes and place another dot for the sunflower seed and sprinkle.

Step 5:

Add the sunflower seed for the beak and a red sprinkle for the wattle.

Step 6:

Finally, add frosting to the back of 5 candy corns and place them in a fan above the head of the turkey.  Allow the cookies to set up.

Eat & Enjoy!