valentines day cookies

Easy Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies featured by top US cookie blog, Practically Homemade

Easy Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are my Tater’s and Tales’s all-time favorite cookie.  Whenever there was a holiday of any kind that is what they requested.  Decorating them all beautiful is always nice but sometimes there just isn’t time.  That is why I have came up with these Easy Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies.  All you need is a […] Read more…

red velvet sandwich cookies recipe featured by top US food blog, Practically Homemade

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies Recipe

I feel like I am always a day late and a dollar short here at Practically Homemade.  These red velvet sandwich cookies would have been perfect to post last week so that you could make them for Heart Day but sometimes I just can’t get it all together!!  I had thought about not posting them […] Read more…