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Brookies recipe featured by top US cookies blog, Practically Homemade |

Brookies Recipe

Boy, are you in for a treat today!  A double treat to be exact.  A recipe for the beloved Brookie.  Which poses the question, is it a brownie or is it a chocolate chip cookie?  The answer is that, it is both!  Dreams do come true.  My life is now complete.  However, I haven’t even […] Read more…

Pumpkin Roll Cookies Recipe featured by top US food blog, Practically Homemade

Pumpkin Roll Cookies Recipe

I had a different recipe planned for today but once I made these pumpkin roll cookies I just couldn’t wait.  All of you sweet readers need to make these Pumpkin Roll Cake Cookies today.  Not tomorrow, not Thursday {like I had planned}…today!  One of my favorite fall desserts is a Pumpkin Roll…the spongy and moist […] Read more…