The new year is upon us and that means that a lot of us are going to be watching what we eat a little more.  Here is the thing… I am with you.  Does that mean I am going to stop eating cookies?  Heck no!  Does mean that I need to be trying to cut back on things where I can and use this healthy baking substitutes PDF.  Yes!  Keep scrolling for more info!

Today I want to share a few ways that you can still bake but make your end product a little more figure friendly with Healthy Baking Substitutes. 

Changing a few things over and over again can make a huge difference in the long run.  Ultimately that is what I think we should be going for.  Lasting, life long changes that we can make and live with for a long time.  Things that will work now and ten years from now. 

I know that I share a lot of really wonderful and delicious dessert recipes because that is what makes my heart happy.  What you might not know is that I also try to run with my sweet friend at least 3 morning a week and eat salads where I can. 

In my world, it is about trying to balance the endless amount of cookies, with healthy choices and lets be honest…not trying to be a size 6 {I am personally alright with where I am…most days}.

There are however, ways to make your sweets a little healthier with some easy and basic tweaks.  I will tell you right now that you won’t always find me using Healthy Baking Substitutes.  I do have a goal to try and add a healthy {ish} recipe every month.

Lets take a look at some things we can be doing to make our baking a little healthier in the new year.  Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and print the free Free Ultimate Healthy Baking Substitutes PDF.  That way you can have it in your kitchen whenever you feel the need to “healthy a recipe up”.

Healthy Baking Substitutes for Oil

Unsweetened Applesauce

Applesauce works great in place of oil in baking recipes.  Substituting it in an equal amount for the oil that would be in a recipe is super simple to do.

You can however, expect to have a slightly sweeter end product because the natural sweetness in the apples will create that in your baked good.

The great news is that applesauce is also a great substitute for eggs and sugar in recipes.  So for those of you with an egg allergy {myself included} this a great option.   Just use 1/4 of unsweetened applesauce for every egg used.

Healthy Baking Substitutes for Butter

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt can be substituted for butter by using 1/2 cup for every 1 cup of butter.

The whole milk version will give you a better outcome because there is still fat being added but any version will work.

The best part is that it can give your recipe a rich and tangy flavor much like buttermilk.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great substitute for butter.  All you have to do is replace the butter in an equal amount with coconut oil. 

One of the reasons it works well is because it has a lot of the same qualities of butter.  Coconut oil melts when hot and then solidifies again when cool, just like butter.  It can also be used to grease pans.

The only drawback would be that if you used it in large quantities you might get a coconut taste to the overall end product.

Healthy Baking Substitutes for Sugar


Honey works well as a substitute for sugar, you would just want to use 1/2-2/3 cup for every 1 cup of sugar in the recipe.  

Also be sure to reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup.  Honey is made up of about 20% water and so it will add liquid to the recipe that sugar wouldn’t.  By reducing the liquid you can have a better end product.

Honey also has a higher natural sugar content than sugar which means that it caramelizes faster.  You can keep your recipe from burning by turning the baking temperature down by 25 degrees.


Substitute agave at 2/3 cup for every 1 cup of sugar. 

Just like honey, it is a liquid product.  This will require you to reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 2/3 cup.

It also has a high natural sugar content and so it is important to reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees.  It is also helpful to reduce the baking time by a few minutes.

Healthy Baking Substitutes for Brown Sugar

Coconut Sugar

You can easily swap coconut sugar for brown sugar in a recipe.  It can be substituted in the same amount you would add brown sugar or a 1:1 ratio.

It tastes and looks a lot like brown sugar but it doesn’t hold moisture like brown sugar does.  This will most likely leave you with an end product that is a little drier {or more dense}.

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Happy New Year dear friends and happy healthier baking.  I just can’t imagine a year without baking and so if this healthy baking substitutes PDF will help you keep baking then I guess I have done my job.  Let’s continue to make this life sweeter!